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Network Engineer

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About Me

Hey, I'm Nick. I'm a CCNA and DevNet Associate certified IT professional with experience in IT support, development, and network administration, engineering, and automation.

I started my IT career working for a small managed service provider that catered to various healthcare practices for all kinds of IT needs. While there, I dedicated myself to continuous learning, which resulted in successfully conquering the CCNA exam. This achievement propelled me into the sphere of networking, which led to securing my first role as a Network Engineer at a local internet service provider. In this role, I played a pivotal role in the oversight and expansion of an extensive FTTH network, providing service to thousands of residential and business customers. This invaluable experience served as a launchpad for my present position as a Network Engineer at a prominent, global company, where I am entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing and optimizing retail store networks worldwide.

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